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Vampire Encyclopedia 



The creation of a vampire is rather complicated and weird because unlike a lot of the other races, they are not born normally. Rather than the commonly believed story that any vampire can bite anything and change them into a vampiric creature; which is only true for PureBlood Vampires (Except for Leviathans) who can change a person into a vampiric being.

The process of changing is somewhat strange as well. Unlike the commonly believed stories that you simply need to be bitten to become a vampiric being, it is more accurate to say one needs to first drink the blood of a Pureblood Vampire, and die before the blood can leave their system.



After this process, the person will be placed into a cocoon-like state, or sometimes just fall into a deep sleep, where they will be in a coma-like state without being aware of anything around them. Sometimes feeling extreme pain while they go through the process of changing, as the body itself is reforming.

When they do wake up all traces of their previous race (E.g. Racial traits, racial abilities, or fur/skin for most furries/beastmen/etc, etc) would be completely gone, with the exception of the races stated (different types of vampires). The person would, however, be "reborn" as a vampiric race with all its racial ability and looks. (Their human look will not change, with the exception of red eyes, fangs, and a pale skin tone.)

Vampire Birth


All vampires are near-immortal and ageless, but this immortality comes with a price, they can't give birth to a child. No common vampire is capable of giving birth to a child, if they somehow do have a child, by some unknown miracle, the child would die before birth, while still in the womb. This is believed to be because the body isn't capable of sustaining both the child and the mother, or because of some sort of unknown curse. The exact reason is unknown, and may never be known.


The only vampiric species capable of giving birth to children are the Purebloods and Leviathans, this is because the Purebloods possess a large amount of the first-generation vampires' blood. (More on them later). And a few special ones that have evolved.

After the Pureblood does the deed, and the child is formed inside the Female of the relationship, it takes around 5 months for the child to be fully developed and ready to be born. This is due to the fact that the child is a Pureblood and absorbs blood as nutrition rather than normal food.


This way of birth makes them age faster than a normal human child up to the age of 8, only taking 2-3 years to become 8. When it reaches that age, it then stops and ages only 1 year for every 1 human year until the point of adulthood, (20-25) where it is said to stop aging.

Racial Abilities

Some vampiric races have their own unique racial abilities, but there are some however that span out to all, or at least most, vampiric races. Some of the abilities that all vampiric creatures have are:

  • Strength - The strength of a vampire is far above that of a human, letting them lift 3-4 times the average strength of a human. Kokuren is around 2 times, Purebloods are 7-9 times.

  • Speed - Vampires are faster than the average human, with their average running speed being anywhere between 4-5 times faster, and their max sprint being anywhere near 6 times as fast. Their acceleration speed is up to 2 times as fast as that of a human. Purebloods can go up to 9-11 times faster than the average human, with an acceleration speed up to 3 times faster. With Kokurens only being 2-3 times faster, and normal acceleration speed.

  • Enhance Senses- Vampires have senses far above that of the average human. With them being able to see up to 10 times the average eyesight of a human being if they focus. Hear up to 3 times the average of a human if they focus. Smell up to 2 times that of the average human. Feel up to 2 times that up a human if they choose to. For a Pureblood, this is all double, and for a Newborn, it’s halved.

  • Enhance Reaction Speed - The average vampire can react to things 3 times faster than the average human being, 0.03 seconds to a visual stimulus, 0.012 for an audio stimulus, 0.03 seconds for a touch stimulus. For a Pureblood, this is all double, and for a Newborn, it’s halved. (This math is probably bad, but you get the picture.)

  • Immortality - Vampires are immortal beings, they can't age, get sick or die from normal wounds. They have certain weaknesses that can kill/weaken/stop them.

  • Emotion Control - Vampires can control their own emotions, sort of like a switch, they can turn it on making them feel emotions normal like a human, or turn it off making them emotionless, stopping guilt or any unwanted emotions.

  • Night Vision - Vampires have natural night vision that allows them to see perfectly fine even in the darkest of nights. This, however, often make them sensitive to bright lights.

  • Immunity - Most Vampires have a basic immunity to illnesses that would affect a normal human, such as the flu, fever, or other similar illnesses. Lesser poisons, and so on. For a Pureblood, this is all heightened, and for a Newborn, it’s weakened.

  • Regeneration - Vampires are capable of instantly healing small wounds such as cuts and bruises, and even able to heal major injuries, such as a stab wound or reattaching missing limbs with enough time and blood. Kokuren's healing ability is slower than that of a normal vampire, not even being able to reattach limbs. Purebloods can heal small wounds instantly and even major wounds are not a problem to them, from attaching limbs to healing a stab wound is easy.


  • Inner Workings - The inner workings of a vampire are weird, to say the least, being a race that came about due to magic and godhood meddling, they aren’t exactly, normal. Most organs of a vampire don’t need to work for them to function, such as the lungs, heart, liver, and so on. Meaning they don’t need to do a lot of things a normal human would need to do to survive, such as breathe, eat, release waste, or even sleep.



All vampiric races have certain weaknesses, whether it be something fatal or something minor, here is a list of some weaknesses that affect the majority of the vampiric races:


  • Sunlight - Yep, good old sunlight is a weakness to most vampires. While sunlight here doesn't kill vampires it actually weakens them to half power, and in some cases, vampires can be very sensitive to sunlight touching their skin.

  • Decapitation - Cutting a vampire's head off is one of the fastest and easiest ways to kill a vampire. This doesn't quite work on purebloods, however, it does temporarily stop them.

  • Fire - Fire burns them, they can't heal fast enough when they are being burnt, therefore fire can kill a normal vampire. To kill a pureblood however they need to first cut the head off and then completely burn them.

  • Werewolf and Beastmen Bite - Vampires and wolves are known, enemies. This is because when a vampire is bitten by a wolf or beastmen it releases a toxin into their blood that makes it so the wound takes longer to heal than normal.

  • Wooden Stake - A wooden stake through the heart can kill any common vampires, however, it needs to go through the heart/chest of the vampire for them to die.

  • Deadman's Blood - This isn't a proven weakness yet, but it is said that injecting the blood of a recently dead person into a vampire can weaken them to the state of a human.

  • Vervain - is a potent herb and a vampire's most well-known weakness. If a vampire makes physical contact with vervain in any form, it will burn them. If a vampire ingests vervain, the vampire's throat and digestive tract will be burned and they will become feverish and extremely weak.

  • Lack of blood - Vampires need blood to survive whether it be animal blood or human blood if they go more than 3 days without blood they can start turning to dust. Vampires also need blood when using abilities, such as super-speed and their regeneration. Blood equals energy.




A long time ago, before even the major clans were formed, and Shinseina was nothing but a husk of what it was now, there was a family with the surname Hamilton. This ancient family lived on a mountain isolated from the outside world, where they were still rather happy and peaceful with their way of life.

The happiness of this family came to an end on one faithful night, a night that would later be recorded in history books as the first birth of the vampires.


While the family was happy, they had one rule, never leave the mountain they lived on, this was a rule that was in place to protect the family members from the dangerous outside world, but like most rules, it was broken. The family’s oldest child, Zero Hamilton, grew fascinated by the werewolves and creatures that roamed the lands outside their mountain border. Curiosity brews trouble, and this trouble started with a young Zero sneaking out of the safety of his family’s protected land and to where the werewolves shifted on the full moon night.

As any wild animal would, the shifted werewolf attacked the young Zero that night, which left a terrible injury on the boy. When daybreak had finally arrived, Zero was finally found by his father but it was very late. The boy was badly injured and had lost so much blood at that point, that even if the wound was held, he would still die from the loss of blood.


Desperate to find a way that would heal his oldest child and protect his children from the dangers of the world, the father searched day in and day out, without even a night of rest. Finally, the father found a way to fix it, to change everything, the father planned to use magic to prevent them from being hurt any further, to change their very being, and so he did. 


Mikael, the father, fought and searched with all his might to find an ancient object said to be created by the Gods called the "Blood Pendant". An item that was said to hold the power of a god within it, and can grant the wish of anyone that was desperate enough to use it. After tirelessly searching, the father was finally able to find the pendant and begged upon it for his wish to be granted. He begged for his child and himself to be made anew, to become beings capable of withstanding the other races in the world without fear, he begged for strength, speed, hunting instincts, and even regeneration.

Upon hearing the man's request, the pendant called on the power of the Moon for life, and the sacrifice of 5 souls for immortality to grant the man’s wish. This made the man and his children stronger and immortal allowing them to be reborn as a powerful new species, one that did not have to cower or fear any longer.

These new creatures were known as Vampires.


The immortality did come, but only to them, not to their offspring. This group of original Vampires, apart from being called Originals, was known as the Leviathans. They were immortal, stronger, faster, and could perform much better magic than before. They could turn other people into vampires, but their blood was now diluted, and the resulting ones, known as Pureblood Vampires, did not age but were not completely immortal as they were.

These PureBlood Vampires could also turn people, but at this point, the original blood of the Leviathans was so far diluted that it made these new creations even weaker, and they were not able to turn others at all. These were known as Vampires.

 They had extended lives, were slightly faster and stronger, and had more magic ability.

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