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Rune Information

What are runes?
Runes are a type of magical instructions infused with microscopic magic symbols written using mana to fulfill a desired outcome that relies on the mana to function properly. Runes can be modified and designed in a number of ways to cause any amount of outcomes, which purely rely on trial and error, throughout countless years. While common runes are publicly available to learn about in books, it is not an easy task to properly write a rune, with it taking years of practice to master. Untrained rune writing can result in major injuries, in some cases, the rune can backflow and explode due to unstable mana flow. That is why an item by the name of ‘Rune Pen’ exists; it helps the user better focus their mana in such a way to draw the rune without major backflow.


What exactly are runes and why do they exist?

That's a question that has always made many researchers curious, and even to this day, continues to be an unsure topic. Many researchers believe that runes are a type of ancient arcana magic that first became prominent shortly after the 7th generation of magical people were still roaming the world. This is believed to be the case due to the highly complicated and detailed magical symbols that have been found engraved into ancient rune remains.

Due to the varied capabilities of runes without the necessary need to be born with magic, many who cannot use magic use runes instead. All runes must have a source of mana, otherwise, it simply would not function, however, this source of mana does not need to come from the person writing the rune, to begin with. 


Runes can utilize mana from a variety of sources depending on the type of rune and the person engraving it. Examples would be: Mana from the area, another being, or otherwise stored in a container of sorts. This fact alone makes runes a subject of study for desperate people that aren’t good with magic, but that doesn’t make it easy to master.


To earn a better understanding of runes below is a format of how it is structured while posted:


Type of Rune: 

Body - Item - Areal


⟨ Body runes are meant to be inscribed on certain parts of the body, Item runes can only be inscribed on certain items, and Areal runes are scribed on certain areas to effect an area of range ⟩



 ⟨ Enchantments would be the ability of the rune once it's activated ⟩


Limitations & Side Effects:

 ⟨ Most runes have limitations to their enchantments, whether they be range, duration, etc, while others have side effects once activated, some runes may have both ⟩



 ⟨ A rune either requires a certain level of skill or certain necessities to use, anything that applies will be explained here ⟩

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